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Song List

Members Song List Calendar


Our Song List --

as of February 22, 1999


Mister Touchdown U.S.A.- Our competition piece

Unchained Melody- A very fast tune feauturing our Bass and Tenor

That Lonesome Road- Beautiful Song by Simon Carrington

M.L.K.- (Martin Luther King) Very pretty song

Amazing Grace- An old favorite

Irish Blessing- Very beautiful song feauturing our Lead

Star Spangled Banner- A great arangement

Goodnight Sweetheart- The classic song

O' Holy Night- A classic Christmas tune

Jingle Bells- Another Christmas tune

Silent Night- More Christmas

The Secret Of Christmas- A nice Christmas song, with a good message

Well, that should be it for now, we've been very busy on Mister Touchdown, so keep watching as we learn new songs.